Marumi 77mm ND 100000 Filter DHG Neutral Density Digital 100K 77 Made in Japan Digital High Grade


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This is the Marumi DHG Neutral Density ND100000 Filter 77mm [DHG77ND100k]

The Marumi DHG Neutral Density ND10000 Filter is a special filter for taking images of solar eclipse. It is a neutral density filter which reduces light values to 1/100,000 and is specifically designed for taking picture of solar eclipses etc. Available for 58mm and 77mm filter sizes. Users of 58mm or 77mm lens size can attach the filter directly. Users of other lens sizes will need to use a stepping ring. Shooting using a tripod is recommended.

Do not look directly or indirectly at the sun without appropriate eye protection, or for extended periods -even during a solar eclipse
Install DHG ND-100000 in front of the camera lens or telescope lens -do not use the optical viewfinder
DHG ND-100000 is for use only with cameras and telescopes -it is not suitable as eye protection ...Contact us if you need more help.